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More About Us

Our Latest Killshots.

This is what we do. Aim small, miss small. The Defenders of Stalingrad are onsite to make sure the enemy hits the ground. From competitive to non-competitive games, our goal is to build a solid gaming community that you will be proud to join.

What we do.

Founded in 2003, our clan, the Defenders of Stalingrad is different from any clan you will ever meet. We do this by challenging the defining goals many clans impose. These other clans burden their members with requests for large sums of money, large time investment, and force their members to follow unnecessary rules. They forget the reason you want to be in a clan is to share ideas, meet others who share your pc gaming interests, and to ultimately have fun.

Our Vision.

For over 13 years we have followed our vision in the gaming community. As a result, we have impacted the lives of thousands of gamers from North America to Western Europe while playing the many games we love. While we have supported some of the biggest gaming titles, what further helps to set us apart is our focus on the more niche titles.


-TeamSpeak 3
-Steam / EA Origin
-Positive Attitude

Competitive Games.

These are backed by a clan run dedicated server, and/or a game which is played in structured competition. These games are used for active recruitment.

-Battlefield 1
-Rising Storm 2: Vietnam (Late 2017)

Non-Competitive Games.

Played by the clan for fun. Recruits may be obtained for these games as well, but they are not a primary focus.

-Killing Floor 2
-Pay Day 2
-Red Orchestra 2 / Rising Storm
-Blizzard Titles

Event Oriented Games.

Played by the clan for fun on a sporadic basis.

-Forgotten Hope 2 (Point Release)
-MOHAA (Christmas Snowball Fight)


We aim to build a community of gamers. Thus we play more than just the games listed on this site. Our members have a multitude of titles they love to play.

Our Members.

Our clan members come from around the globe, and are online as often as possible. If you see them on the battlefield, pay your respects.

Retired and Retired Founders.

|DOS|SLt. Draco|Ret|
|DOS|Lt. Sharpshooter|Ret|(Canadian Army)
|DOS|Cpt. Krispy(US Army), |DOS|Cpt. Enders(US Army)
|DOS|Cpt. CLB, |DOS|SLt. Powell
|DOS|Lt. GroundFire, |DOS|SgtMaj. Raines
|DOS|Sgt. Preston Kane, |DOS|Sgt. DarkPig, |DOS|Sgt. Rusty
|DOS|MSgt. Dex, |DOS|Sgt. Collisster(Army)
|DOS|Cpl. DeadlyApollo(Army), |DOS|Cpl. 3rw1n4s4ng0

Clan Leadership.

|DOS|Maj. Keel

Clan Founder

Keel has led |DOS| since the clans founding in 2003. As Major he is founder and highest ranked member. His goal is to continue to advise and lead the clan, ensuring its survival and success.

|DOS|Cpt. Crabb

Joint 2nd in Command

Crabb is the seventh 2nd in Command in |DOS| history, leading since 2009, and holding joint command with Keymaster. Crabb, while in the clan "in spirit", he officially joined |DOS| during The Reconstruction period offering support noone else could. During this time he assisted with recruitment in Call of Duty 5, was a server administrator, and led many successful clan matches. After the switch to BFBC2 his leadership helped grow the clan to the largest number of active members since the support of COD: UO.

|DOS|Cpt. Keymaster

Joint 2nd in Command

Keymaster is the eighth 2nd in Command in |DOS| history, holding joint command with Crabb. Keymaster was appointed in a joint decision between Maj. Keel and Crabb in November 2010. Keymaster was chosen because of his calm demeanor and the level headed leadership he had demonstrated as a Lieutentant. In this position, Keymaster has led the direction of |DOS| graphic design since 2011.

|DOS|CSM. Scholl

Chief of Enlisted

Scholl is currently the longest running member of |DOS| and head of all Enlisted members. Scholls goal is to impart wisdom and leadership from experiences in TWL and 5 seasons at BFE:WaW for Forgotten Hope 2.

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