Upcoming Clan Meeting

Updated On: January 12, 2013 8:00pm Est.

Happy Belated New Year everyone. We will be working on setting a date on a clan meeting shortly. Stay Tuned!

Thanks, |DOS|Maj. Keel

The Keelenhoffer Returns

Updated On: August 11, 2013 3:00am Est.

Well everyone, I am back.I know things have been rough and in a bit of disrepair around this place, especially this website. We are officially on the 10th year as |DOS| clan and I feel that this should be an important year. Making large sweeping changes to structure and organization is hard and in many cases change may feel unwanted. However, I think that |DOS| is ready for its next few steps forward. Over the next two months, I plan to work with the officers and upper ranking members within |DOS| to streamline the clan, bringing more efficiency and fun. We need to have members who maintain our games, a refocus on our website, and an expansion in server hosting ability. Most of all, we will need everyone to make it happen!

Part of this process involves Technical Recruiters. Many of you have heard of the Technical Recruiter positions in the clan and some of you may not. Technical recruiter positions were designed to help the leadership of |DOS| maintain the plethora of games we support. Each Technical Recruiter is responsible for gathering the latest news, managing recruitment for that game, and planning activities. Roughly a year ago, we had a fall off of Technical Recruiters. Perhaps the stars did not align, but we lost many great members in a short amount of time. People for these positions were never properly refilled and retrained.

A redesigned website, focused on social interactivity is another step to improving the clan. The leadership has already discussed plans to make improvements to the clan website far beyond any scope we had before. Full integration of forum and website with the complete integration of social media. We need a new website to push us into the next decade as a clan. Part of making this happen will rely on the membership as well.

Server expansion is a step we cannot ignore, if we wish to reach out to the greater community, we need a place for them to play and have fun. Making this expansion happen is a high priority. I will be conducting a reallocation of sever hardware to several clan members. It is hoped that this will expand our sever selection and push this idea to the brink with minimal costs associated.

Finally, making all this happen does not require a ton of money from each one of you. But is does require us to gather many small donations to |DOS|. Please give to |DOS| and helps us raise $1000 for 10 years of |DOS|. The money will be well spent on the services you already use and appriciate. It will also help us to expand our sever selection and cover the costs of supporting new games.

Thanks, |DOS|Maj. Keel

|DOS| Clan Census

Updated On: July 4, 2013 3:33pm Est.

In order to be able to track clan progress, there comes a time when we have to have a count of all members in |DOS|. This lets us know who is in the clan and ensures that our website is kept accurate with the latest membership numbers. Please post your name here if you are an active member of |DOS|.
Some additional things to keep in mind:

-Active |DOS| Members are REQUIRED to be logged into Teamspeak 3 when they are on playing the games we support.
-If you do not actively show up from time to time, you will be moved to Reserve on our clan roster and eventually removed from the clan losing all Rank progress.
-If you will be absent for a long period of time, let us know, and the above situation will not happen!

Thanks, for reading this an taking the time to ensure we have an accurate count of |DOS| Members. Please visit the Private Discussion Area in the forums and post in the census.